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Sunniland Retail Lawn & Garden Products

Sunniland is your reliable source for premium fertilizers formulated specifically for Southern homeowners’ lawns and gardens.

Protect your lawn from weeds with Sunnniland Weed & Feed Fertilizers. The national brands talk about Florida lawns, Sunniland knows Florida lawns. Sunniland fertilizers have been made in Florida just for Florida sandy soil conditions for the past 132 years.

Where Can I Buy Sunniland Retail Fertilizer Products?

Local home supply stores

Find Sunniland Weed & Feed products at:

  • Lowes,
  • Walmart,
  • Ace Hardware,
  • Home Depot
  • Local Independent Garden Retailers
  • and Local Lowes Stores in Texas.

Where Can I Buy Sunniland Professional Products?

Sunniland branches

With 20 convenient distributions centers located throughout Florida and Georgia, our mission is to help customers succeed by providing high-quality products and technical advice, turning problems into solutions. Each location offers offering a friendly and knowledgeable sales staff to assist you with all types of roofing and commercial lawn and garden projects.

Sunniland Products

Sold at Lowes Home Improvement stores are two of Sunniland’s premier products:


Sunniland Professional

brand fertilizers control a wide variety of weeds and insects and provide essential micro-nutrients and elements to stimulate healthy tree, shrub, ornamental and turf growth.
*Now Available in Texas Lowes!

Exclusive Products SS

Sunniland Sunscapes

feature an entire line of landscape rocks, gravel, marble, paver sand and base.
*In Florida Only.

Private Label Products

Create a fertilizer product custom blended to the needs of your market.

We’ll take care of the rest – label design, packing and distribution. We’ll have your product in stores fast and at a reasonable price!

Ask The Experts

Contact our experts for questions or advice…FREE!

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