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Lawn Care Professionals

Options for Lawn Care Professionals

Sunniland premium formulations are ideal for the landscape professional. Our combination fertilizer products have been effectively helping turf and landscape management professionals in Florida and South Georgia for more than 137 years.

Water Soluble Fertilizers Manufactured On a Dedicated Line

Our water soluble fertilizers are the industry standard blends pros have used for years on lawns,sports turf and golf courses.


These are the blends which are clean and free of impurities are most efficient for delivering the nutrients needed for growing quality turf, our 23-0-31 blend has a stabilized nitrogen source for the highest efficient delivery of Nitrogen.

Professional Grade Fertilizers and Weed & Feeds

Uniform granular materials
Premium Nitrogen
Micro Nutrients
Combination Products

Sunniland offers several different house turf grass Weed & Feed Fertilizers, guaranteed to make your lawn, field, or golf course beautifully lush and green. Many of these in-stock turf grass fertilizers are available in slow-release version for extended feeding. Each of these fertilizers are excellent to apply on all warm-season grasses including Centipede, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia.

Chemicals Specially Formulated for Southern Growers

We offer a full line of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and many other products that enhance plant production.


You constantly battle weeds, insects, weather and more. With Sunniland as your fertilizer and chemical provider, you have a powerful ally in your daily battles. We offer a full range of quality turf and ornamental products. You can also count on our experienced sales representatives for helpful advice and assistance to make your turf look and perform its best!

Sunniland Liquid Fertilizer Products

We’ll Keep You Competitive

Customize Your Fertilizer Program

Sunniland offers extensive custom blending options on all our professional use products. We build unique formulation programs to satisfy each customer’s specific need to better meet their requirements. With the Sunniland Family of products, you can’t go wrong!

How Can I Purchase Sunniland Professional Products?

To purchase our industry standard blends or to build a custom formulation program, please contact us here, or contact our Professional Turf Sales team at 800-432-1130.

Why Use Sunniland Pro?

A pioneer in fertilizer technology, Sunniland Corporation manufactures and distributes its Professional line of advanced slow-release fertilizers, which are better for the environment and better for you.

Our blends use premium nitrogen and micro nutrients to out perform the competition. Pesticides are disbursed evenly as each granule of fertilizer is coated with the best type of pesticide for the job.

We help professional turf grass managers chart and maintain an effective, cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable turf program.

Sunniland Pro products are used everyday by:

Golf Course Superintendents – Ground Maintenance Supervisors – Landscape Contractors – Nursery’s Including Lukas Nursery – Turf Grass Management Professionals – Athletic Field Groundskeepers Including The Florida Gators

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