Jason Cobb, manager of Sunniland’s Albany roofing distribution center was recently interviewed by South Georgia News Channel 10, WALB for his roofing advice and expertise.

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Sunniland Roofing Advice

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KARLA:  Many people are still working to make repairs from those devastating storms from January 2nd. Joining me now is Jason Cobb who manages the local branch of Sunniland Corporation a roofing supply company. He is here to help our viewers avoid being taken advantage of while making those needed repairs. Jason. What kind of advice would you give a homeowner who has had damage done to their home? There are some key elements you need to remember to look for when choosing a contractor to repair your property.

JASON:  First verify that the contractor that you have chosen is licensed carries Workman’s Comp and General Liability insurance. If not this will open up the possibility for labiality and financial headaches. Should a problem arise it will be hard to sue and recover damages from an unlicensed contractor. Using an unlicensed could void your homeowners insurance policy should a claim arise from poor workmanship.

KARLA:  How do you know that your contractor is legitimate?

JASON:  You can verify that a contractor is legitimate by calling the local treasury office @ 229-431-2118. You should ask for a copy of the contractor’s license and insurance. Also, ask your contractor for local references and call them. Ask the contractor what supplier he is using and call them as well. Most of the local supply companies will be more than happy to help you check out a contractor.

KARLA:  Do they need a work permit?

JASON:  YES, You should verify that a permit has been issued for the work that needs to be completed. Do not pull your own permit, if you do you will have no recourse for shoddy workmanship or uncompleted jobs. The city of Albany is requiring that contractors provide physical pictures of the repairs in order to verify that work is being done correctly. There will be separate inspections for structural work and roofing work done by the City. If you have any permit related questions or are having a problem with a contractor you can call Tracy Hester with the City of Albany Planning and Development Services @ 229-438-3901 located @ 240 pine Ave Suite 300. Verify that the contractor will be using standard market material that is readily available from local supply companies in case they run short on the job or for repairs down the road.

KARLA:  What are some red flags to look out for?

JASON:  You should NEVER give a contractor money up front if they are legitimate they will not ask you for money. There are plenty of local licensed contractors in Albany and the surrounding areas for you to find and call. Beware of the person knocking on your door offering too good to be true deals. You get what you pay for. If you have any questions about your repairs, feel free to call us at 229-317-5515 or come by our location at 2815B Old Dawson Rd, Albany, Ga between Austin’s Firegrill and Pier One imports.