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Frequently Asked Questions

What products are safe for dogs and children?

Any Weed and Feed, or product that contains insecticide and fertilizer are safe for pets once the application has been made, watered in and allowed to dry completely. Once the lawn is dry, it’s safe for pets or children to enter the lawn. If a product does not contain pesticides or herbicides, it is safe for animals and children, but we still recommend waiting for the application to fully dry.

What is a general fertilizer schedule I can follow?

Our experts have put together their recommendations on what and when to fertilize your lawn year round, for more details check this out: Fertilizer Schedule For Beginners And The DIYers

I'm a beginner, what fertilizer should I use?

Sunniland All Natural is the perfect fertilizer for beginners. It is an all-purpose biosolid fertilizer that is organically derived and contains slow-release nutrients. There is no risk of over-applying or burning your lawn, so it is a great one to start with as you familiarize yourself with DIY lawncare. Learn more about Sunniland All Natural here:

What spreader setting should I use?

Spreader settings for most of our products can be found on the product packaging or here on our website: Spreader Settings. If you still have questions, give our experts a call at 800-432-1130.

Where can I buy Sunniland fertilizer products?
Sunniland Fertilizer products are available at:
Can I purchase product direct from Sunniland?
If you are local to central Florida, we invite you to visit our Fertilizer Warehouse Store located at 5320 Pen Avenue, Sanford FL 32773, where you can purchase any of our available lawn and garden products.
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