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Few building materials are as naturally beautiful and architecturally versatile as cedar shakes and shingles. They’re lightweight, durable, and perfectly suited for resilience in extreme climates and earthquake zones. Just as important, they have a unique aesthetic and environmental appeal that many builders, designers, and homeowners are looking for.

Whether you’re a designer or homeowner who needs to maintain the visual integrity of a historically significant home, or an architect looking for high-end details to wow your client, our long-standing relationships with the finest cedar mills in the Northwest enable us to bring you the most attractive, longest-lasting cedar roofing products available.

Below are the preferred cedar shake brands that we represent:

Below Are The Preferred Cedar Shake Brands That We Represent:

Starting out in 1998 with a vision to meet and exceed the current quality of products in the market place, Imperial Shake continues to this day to be a major supplier of high quality products to its loyal customers all over the world.Imperial Shake’s use of only the finest raw materials to manufacture its line of products maintains and upholds the reputation of cedar roofing and sidewall products.

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Valley Lumber Sales, Inc. has been in business as a wholesale distributor specializing in Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles since 1973. Heavy split and re-sawn cedar shakes and shingles are sawn on the backsides and the faces are split with the natural grain of the wood, which gives the cedar wood siding a highly textured surface on the exposed face. Also known as Heavy Re-saw products, they are thicker and heavier than any number of other grades of shake or shingle, giving the roof a very rugged or rustic appearance.

Over the last six decades Watkins has grown from a modest beginning to one of the largest manufacturers of Western Red Cedar Roofing and Siding in North America. Their approach to business has been to grow the cedar roofing and siding industry through product innovation and improvements in manufacturing.

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