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Our Roots In The South Are Deep

Sunniland Corporation began as Chase & Company in Sanford, Florida in 1884, serving the local citrus growers by selling fertilizers, grower’s supplies and crop insurance. Soon after, the company purchased their own groves and became quite successful in selling their crops to northern markets. Seeing the success of the company other growers in the area soon came to Chase & Company to assist them in selling their citrus and Sanford soon became the largest shipping point in the state for oranges.

The Great Freeze of 1894-1895 devastated the Florida citrus industry. The economy of the entire region faltered as growers went bankrupt and the sale of fertilizers and supplies ground to a halt. Sunniland, however, persevered and dedicated itself to restoring the citrus industry in the state.

This dedication, when coupled with integrity and hard work, paid off and the company resumed its pattern of growth, building a new fertilizer plant in 1904. A retail outlet opened soon afterward providing local farmers with baskets, seed, hand tools, shingles, and tarpaper.

Professional Grade & Residential Fertilizers
As the state began to experience its dramatic growth, the changes in emphasis between agricultural and residential fertilizer use became apparent and Sunniland concentrated its efforts on the latter.

While still serving the bulk fertilizer customers – golf courses and growers – Sunniland now retails most of its output in bag form for the homeowner. Residential customers can visit Lowes, Ace Hardware or Walmart to purchase our top quality fertilizers and lawn and garden products.

From Roots to Roofs
The beginnings of our roofing supply division date back to the early 1900s when Sunniland supplied local farmers with baskets, seed, hand tools, shingles, and tarpaper. Today, our roofing supplies centers have expanded to some 20-distribution locations across Florida and South Georgia.

Throughout this history of growth Sunniland Corporation has never lost sight of its dedication to its customers and the ideals, integrity, and hard work that made this growth possible.


Our Roofing

Sunniland Team

Throughout the history of its growth, in both the Fertilizer Division as well as the Roofing Supply Division, Sunniland Corporation has never lost sight of its dedication to its customers. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff of professionals is committed to maintaining the ideals, integrity, and hard work that made this growth possible.

Feel free to contact our Management direct by calling 800-432-1130 or 407-322-2421 and asking for them by name or by extension number.

Our Leaders

Tom Moore

President And CEO

Phone: Extension 1122
Email: tmoore@sunnilandcorp.com

Michael Trees


Phone: Extension 1122
Email: mtrees@sunnilandcorp.com

Tim Hardman

Roofing Division Manager

Phone: Extension 1200
Email: thardman@sunnilandcorp.com

Tony Owen

Fertilizer Retail Sales Manager

Phone: Extension 1306
Email: tonyowen@sunnilandcorp.com

Billy Griffith

Chemical Division Manager

Phone: Extension 1300
Email: bgriffith@sunnilandcorp.com

Bill Spradlin

Southern Roofing Division Manager

Phone: 239-334-2179
Email: bspradlin@sunnilandcorp.com

Larry Pressley

Director Of Marketing

Phone: Extension 1104
Email: lpressley@sunnilandcorp.com

Bert Eddy

Central Division Manager

Phone: 386-677-1916
Email: beddy@sunnilandcorp.com

Frank Rooks

Northern Roofing Division Manager

Phone: 352-465-4900
Email: frooks@sunnilandcorp.com

William Cantrell

Safety Manager

Phone: Extension 1101
Email: wcantrell@sunnilandcorp.com

Daylan Ferguson

Human Resources

Phone: Extension 1110
Email: dferguson@sunnilandcorp.com

Robyn Finley

IT Manager

Phone: Extension 1103
Email: rfinley@sunnilandcorp.com

Trish Frazer

Credit Manager

Phone: Extension 1104
Email: tfrazer@sunnilandcorp.com

Stephen Moore

Chemical Business Manager

Phone: Extension 1305
Email: smoore@sunnilandcorp.com

Sunniland in the Community

As a leader in both the fertilizer industry and roofing supply, Sunniland Corporation is highly involved in our state and local communities. Check out some of the featured articles and media coverage that we have been fortunate to be featured in, as well as some of our promotional and marketing content that we have publsihed over time.

Sunniland Was Featured
In A Business Spotlight

Tom Moore, Owner of Sunniland and Ken York with Seminole Counties Economic Development discuss the company’s daily operations and provide an overview of both the fertilizer and roofing supply division.

Presenting Sponsor Of The
Florida Orange & Blue Debut

Sunniland becomes the presenting sponsor of the Orange & Blue debut for Florida Gators football. Florida Gators trust Sunniland products to keep the turn looking it’s best